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About Grooming

About Grooming

  1. When should my Puppy have his/her First Groom?

    Puppy’s first groom should be as soon as possible after they have received their second round of vaccinations. We have a "Puppy Special" that will introduce all the noisy equipment, smells and some hands on table training. We will also trim the nails, shave the pads, shape the feet, clean out the sani area, trim around the eyes, clean out the ears and a good brush out for $15.00. There is no bath for the first visit.

  2. Is there anything I should do to prepair my dog for its grooming appointment?

    You should brush your dog the night before if you have neglected to do so for a while. To get all the nots out the best you can if you want your PUP to have a cute style.

    Plus You Should walk your dog at home to make sure it has a chance to do ALL its potty buisness

  3. Can I bring toys and food for my Dog to the grooming shop?

    No, your pup will be at the salon for a short amount of time, busy getting pampered. And food could upset ones tummy. Save the treats when you get home.

  4. Should I Leash My Dog?

    Yes! All Dogs that come into and leave the salon Must be leashed or carried. We have no control of who drives down the road and a clean happy puppy leaps and bounds out of the shop onto the road. A Safe Dog is a Leashed one

  5. Does my Dog Get Potty Breaks at the Salon?

    You should make sure your dog does ALL its potty buisness at home before the appointment. Please do NOT let your dog pee or poo on my lawn or neighbours lawn. Disease is spread by urine, and I like my neighbours. Your dogs appointment should not take more than 3 hours, if it has a medical condition that makes it urinate more often than that would would want to know so we can accomidate. Otherwise I ask respecfully let my flowers live.

  6. How long does it take to Groom my Dog?

    Depending on the size it can take from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Larger the dog, thicker the coat longer the time

  7. Are vaccines required for my dog?

    All of our grooming clients are required to have up to date vaccines, this is for the protection of not only your pets but also our staff. Being exposed to numerous dogs is a health concern you should consider as a furry kid owner. Its not the responsibility of the salon if your dog catches something that you did not vaccinate your pet against.

  8. What type of payment do you accept?

    We accpet Cash or Cheque. No Debit No Credit card.

  9. I have made an appointment, now what?

    When you bring your dog in you will be required to let us know whether your pet has any medical or temperament issues. If your dog is nervous, has sore hips or a skin condition letting us know beforehand can make your dogs grooming experience easier and more comfortable.

  10. Does my dog Go into a cage?

    For the safety of all our clients yes your dog will be required to be kenneled. As your dog is only here for 2-3 hours, they really don’t spend a lot of time in the kennel, they are bathed, hand dried and then given a rest break. The groomer then takes them for their grooming and styling and then they are returned to their condo to await pick up. Most owners would be surprised to know that their dogs sleep the entire time they are in the kennel, sometimes we have to wake them up so that they can go home!

  11. What if my dog is very nervous?

    Please let us know when you are bringing your dog in if she/he is nervous. We have been working with pets for many years and like to take our time with each and every dog and are more than willing to take your pets special needs into consideration. We do however reserve the right to refuse any overly aggressive dog and will refer you to your vet if we feel your pet is too difficult.

  12. How often should my dog be groomed?

    We recommend every 6 – 8 weeks for a full body hair cut and or 5 weeks for a bath and tidy.. Dogs that are groomed on a regular basis are more relaxed and their coats and skin are kept in top condition.

  13. Is it Okay to have my dog shaved off 1 to 2 times a year?

    No, No, NO! Its not okay! If you have a dog that needs regular grooming a neglected coat if VERY PAINFUL! If a coat is left unattended it can pull on the dogs skin causing sores, and other hidden unseen health problems. Lumps, ticks, bleeding boils. Coat bunching up on the ears can cause painful hematomas when the hair must be removed causing more than just an expensive grooming bill. A dog left in a serverly neglected demear could lead a call to the spca. Please ask for help and advice on your dogs coat care if your unsure. Neglect is not an excuse. Groomers have heard them all. Its not your childs, brothers, parents, neighbors fault your dogs matted if you are the owner.

    If your unsure of the proper grooming needs of the breed of dog your caring for please ask your groomer. We are Extremely Happy to help.

  14. My dog only needs his nails trimmed do I need an appointment?

    No, Just phone ahead to make sure we are open to see if its clear to pop on by.

  15. The last groomer shaved my dog, you won’t do that will you?

    We will examine your dogs coat when you come in and make our recommendations on the best way to proceed. We pride ourselves in our breed specific trims and prefer to keep your dog looking their best. If however the dog is very matted we may have to trim them short but we will set up a regular grooming schedule to keep your pets coat in top condition to prevent future shavedowns.

  16. Can I stay with my dog during his grooming.

    Much like young children, dogs are usually better behaved for strangers than their own parents. Because the nature of our job, using scissors, and sharp blades, having pet parents kooing in the back ground will make their fuzzy kid bounce around. We use low calming voices and gentle handling to teach all our fuzzy friends great table mannors to make the grooming experance soothing and relaxing. Its when their pet parents pick them up all the cuddles can be applied because now they feel great and refreshed expecting all their owners Hugs and Snuggles.